Pro-2006 backlight repair

I figured it was about time to replace the electroluminescent EL backlight on my Pro-2006 scanner.  I think there used to be a pictorial somewhere, but I couldn’t find it, so I decided to grab some pictures while I swapped in a new one.  Click any image to enlarge.

First, remove the antenna and the 4 screws holding the case to the back of the radio.  No need to remove the battery by the way, not sure what I was thinking…

Next, pushing from the back, slide the radio forward in the case, about 1/8″ or so.  Tilt the top cover up, reach in and disconnect the speaker header from the circuit board, and remove the cover.

With the top cover removed, unplug all the connection headers from the top of the circuit board.  Flip the scanner over, remove the bottom cover, unplug the header from the bottom of the circuit board, then use a phillips head screwdriver and remove the braided jumpers from the frame.

With all wiring disconnected from the circuit board, remove the two screws each side that are holding the face in place.

The face should come right off.

To get the circuit board off, use your soldering iron to unsolder and bend out of the way the ground wire coming from the volume and squelch pot assembly.  I used a pair of needle nose pliers to lift it off and over to the side after heating up the pool of solder it is in.

Next, remove the six phillips head screws holding the circuit board in place.

To get the circuit board off, I just lifted up on the EL transformer and used a flat bladed screwdriver to gently slide the circuit board up and off the header connector on the bottom right.

Up and off.

Now you can get to the display.  Unsolder the two leads going to the circuit board.  There will be some glue that you will have to remove that’s holding the back light in place.  I just used a small flat bladed screwdriver to scrape it off, then you can slide the backlight out from behind the lcd panel.  You can see the old backlight in the picture below.  I had positioned a white piece of paper in it’s place so I could experiment with LED backlighting.

Here you can see the new EL panel I bought as a replacement.  This is a Lumitek that I came across on Ebay for $6.  I used the old backlight as a template and trimmed it to size with a pair of scissors.

Trimmed to size.  This is actually the back of the EL panel, the other side is the part that illuminates.  Don’t ask how I know this but lets just say that my first try at this I thought the EL panel was bad until I noticed a nice blue-green glow coming from inside the scanner.  I installed it backwards…

Test fit before soldering the leads in place. The panel is powered by A/C so polarity doesn’t matter when you solder the leads to the circuit board.

Finally, reposition the circuit board back in the face, making sure to line up the sound squelch led.  Replace the screws, solder the ground connection, and reverse the dis-assembly steps.  You should have a nice new bright backlight for this classic scanner.